I have wanted to get into formula racing since I had finished karting. but there does not seem to be a full scca-backed formula racing league in the west coast. can anyone think of any formula racing in california?


Willow Springs: you should find quite a few SCCA events run here with all the usual Formula classes accounted for (from Vee and Ford all the way up to Atlantic). You’ll also probably find the occasional event at Fontana.

Moving further North would be Button Willow. After that it is either tracks in Northern CA (Laguna Seca, Thunderhill, Infineon) or over to Spring Mountain in Nevada. All tracks regularly host SCCA and NASA race weekends. Some Formula series are somewhat poorly represented, though the more popular ones will often have large fields.

If you have an SCCA membership, most of the ones at Willow Springs and Fontanta will probably be listed in your local region’s newsletter (maybe Button Willow too). The webpages for the other regions as well as those of the individual tracks will normally have complete schedules as well.

As the friction is being reduced, the speed of the travelling object increases. However, why is friction important in formula one racing?


Depends on what friction you are referring to.

Aero friction is important because it determines how well the car slips through the air, as well as how well it plants itself to the ground (generally trading one for the other, although you can actually achieve both to a limited extent with aero devices that work only in the laminar layer of flow; but most of the effect one way or the other comes from wings and devices that work in the turbulent layer).

Friction in the engine and driveline are key to how well they operate. Less friction will mean less parasitic loss of power and less heat, which will improve performance. And though less heat will mean better reliability, often times it becomes a balance between the two as some methods of protection will increase resistance (if not actually friction).

Friction is also the key to mechanical grip on the cars. The tires are the only part of the car in contact with the racing surface, and thus they are often the key limiting factor on all performance. Tires obtain their grip through friction. With zero friction here, the car would be unable to propel itself forwar (or brake or turn or anything else).

How do these three forces: Drag, Lift and Downforce. Affect a formula one racing car?

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drag is the wind resistance (force) that acts against the car as it is moving forward. Less drag means higher speeds, more drag means lower speeds.

Lift and downforce are the exact same things, but acting in opposite directions. On a race car downforce is good because it is a force created through aerodynamics that pushes that car in a vertical direction towards the race track. This allows the car to have more traction, its having the positive effects of adding weight to the car (creates traction), without the negative effects of actually adding the extra mass.

Lift is just the opposite. Its the vertical force acting on the car, again created by aerodynamics, that is trying to lift the car off the ground. This is an incredibly negative effect not only for traction, but for safety.

Remember that downforce is good, but drag is a byproduct of downforce which is bad. The idea in racing is to balance your drag and downforce levels to be the most efficient given drivers driving style, area of the track (corner, straight away), speed, and a myriad of other factors.

Lift needs to be taken out of the car as much as possible. The drivers life usually depends on it.

I would like to become a driver in some field of motor sports. In the US, circle track racing is prominent, but I would prefer something closer to rally or formula racing. I am a talented driver and I’ve done very well in amateur events. How do I progress from a hobbyist and into the professional circuit, and more importantly, at 25 years old, am I too old to try?


i dont know a ton about rally racing and such but i race on the oval professionally and it takes basically the same techniques to make it. you are going to have to stand out in some way and get noticed. talk to everyone that you can in the racing world to get your name out. work hard and strive to be the best. i had to go talk to alot of teams before anyone ever let me do a test drive. now i race every weekend in my NASCAR Whelen Late Model. Im only 15 but your still young enough. it might be harder for you because of that but if your good enough you should have a chance.

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Numerous studies have been conducted to know more concerning the wellness benefits of turmeric plus it has been shown successful in taking out rubor – a major cause of many forms of health problems and disorders.

The primary reasons why the wellness benefits of turmeric are plenty is because of the material known as curcumin. It’s produced when the roots of the turmeric plant are pulled and processed. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin, rubor-associated health issues such as arthritis can efficiently be relieved.

Since curcumin too is a class of anti oxidant, it could efficiently fight from the cancer-creating free radicals in the human anatomy. Free radicals are said to be by-products of the natural metabolic process of cells in the human body. Having too much of these molecules may be a problem since they can damage healthy cells. Free radicals are accountable for in addition to a wide array of, tissue deterioration, the aging procedure diseases

Enhanced cardiovascular wellness is also among the various health advantages of turmeric. The curcumin will help to significantly decrease the accumulation of plaque in the arterial vessels which cause atherosclerosis. It is also referred to as a powerful blood thinner which helps grume from happening. Blood clots can lead to cardiovascular problems such as heart attack, stroke, as well as thrombosis.

Research has shown that the curcumin in turmeric can additionally help minimize the odds of getting Alzheimer’s disease by keeping mental performance from amassing a protein called amyloid. Based on data, there is a lower quantity of senior citizens with alzheimer disease in India as weighed against those from the States. This might maybe be due to their routine intake of curcumin-rich curry dishes.

Turmeric infusion is also beneficial in boosting skin health due to the curcumin content. Curcumin works as an all-natural antiseptic and has excellent anti bacterial properties making it exceptional for faster wound healing and avoidance of illness. In addition, it has antiviral and anti fungal properties that may function very well using a number of skin problems like ringworm, psoriasis, and eczema.

Its curcumin content might help shield the liver and gallbladder by ensuring the efficient production and excretion of bile. This then aids the entire body to digest fats better and minimize the forming of gall stones. Using turmeric supplements can help minimize redness due to ibs, diarrhea, and colitis.

If you begin taking it on a normal basis you should manage to recognize all the health benefits of turmeric. There are many turmeric nutritional supplements sold in the market these days and you should be aware of just how to spot an excellent merchandise. Don’t forget to look for an item that has a high portion of curcumin, created using all-natural ingredients, no additives or fillers, and contains great reviews from consumers.

In case the type of business you have is one that involves using a warehouse, you might already know just the way that it can easily fill with your stock. Without proper planning and use of unique strategies, you may find your Singapore storage facility from space in an instant. In this specific article, we will be talking about some of the greatest ways to optimize your storage space.

Because the most usual type of racking system in many Singapore storage services is the pallet rack, there ought to be a great match together with the variety of stock you intend to set in storage. You can select between the different kinds of pallet racks for example mobile, carton flow, and narrow aisle racking. If you think you’ll be expanding your inventory in the near future, you could opt for adjustable racks.

Efficient use of vertical space can readily supply substantial hike in storage space and in return reduce prices. You may even need to think about installing custom built mezzanine floors to realize the same intention.

The amazing thing about mezzanine floors is that they give a low-cost method of increasing storage space in comparison with constructing an extension of your Singapore storage facility. This is particularly true if they’re created from scrap materials from your manufacturing facility. They can still be assembled and disassembled easily making them very convenient to work with.

This involves consistently reviewing purchase histories, your inventory systems, projections, and trends so you can accurately determine the number of inventory you need to have on stock at a specific time.

In extreme cases, there might also be a demand for a complete overhaul of your own storage space which may include installing or incorporating new racking and shelving products. Situations like this may call for the skills of a specialist to examine your existing set up.

There are also some instances wherein your Singapore storage facility may still be out of space despite the exerted efforts, therefore don’t overlook the likelihood of using outside space for short-term storage needs. The most obvious disadvantage is that you’ll need to put in some security means to prevent your stocks from harm of larceny. This includes installing chain link fencing, security cameras, and security employees.

Should you be a lover of the great Doctor. Oz, it’s possible you’ve already heard about satiereal saffron infusion. The plant Crocus sativus is where this extract comes from, its primary use for a spice being in culinary programs. In his show, the nice doctor mentioned that using a saffron supplement should have the capacity to suppress desire, minimize snacking, enhance overall disposition, and furthermore, support in weight reduction while also encouraging a wholesome lifestyle.

Dr. Oz gave focus on how individuals resort to overeating each time they experience mental pressure. What is worse is that these same people make bad food choices, often choosing instant foods that are full of sugar, fat, and empty calories. Not only can this cause a significant increase in weight, it can further lead the way for a broad selection of diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, and even cancer.

Showing folks just how successful satiereal saffron benefits are, Dr. Oz invited two women to participate in an experiment where they would use the supplement for a total of four weeks. In just the very first weekend, the results show a total of 8 lbs dropped for the two topics. They also maintained that the frequency of the snacking was reduced by around 51% while also giving them a longer feeling of satiety.

How come satiereal being offered a lot of credit by the weight loss industry? It is because satiereal is effective in raising serotonin levels within your body. Serotonin is a hormone generated by the brain to help manage your mood and pressure levels. The more of it you have, the better you’re going to be able to keep against psychological pressure and you also will be able to make better eating decisions, and maintain your cravings in check.

Based on official research, satiereal saffron extract has the capability to handle the physiological variables of consuming sensations and this in turn helps to keep snacking habits to a nadir. It’s vital to be aware that lots of binge eaters do what they are doing as a reaction to pressure, frustration, anxiety, and indifference. Saffron helps to modify a man’s behaviour in these situations by augmenting the body’s serotonin levels.

As for selecting the correct saffron supplement, there are many variables you ought to consider and one of them is the standing of its own manufacturer. Ideally, you should stick with well-known companies with an outstanding track record, particularly within the caliber of their products. When it comes to product, be sure to verify that it’s produced from pure saffron extract and it does not contain any binders, fillers, or artificial ingredients.

You also ought to check if the product really comes from real saffron, particularly in the blossom of the Crocus sativus plant. You may be confident that you are obtaining a good satiereal saffron infusion if it had been made on an FDA-approved lab and it follows the rules decided by the FDA’s GMP application. As for the dosage, try to find a product which offers the greatest possible quantity of saffron extract per serving.

Most of all, you may want to talk with your physician first before you try any supplement made with satiereal saffron extract. This is especially true for individuals who are taking medications that directly affect serotonin levels. For outstanding results, be sure to join your satiereal supplementation with appropriate diet and suitable exercise. After all, you do need to lose those extra pounds and keep them off forever right?

If the type of business you have is one that involves the use of a warehouse, you may already know just how it can easily fill up with your inventory. Without proper planning and use of specific strategies, you might find your Malaysia storage facility out of space in an instant. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best ways to maximize your storage space.

With pallet racks being the most commonly used racking system for many Malaysia storage facilities, one important thing to consider is that it is suitable for the type of inventory you will be placing there. Pallet racking options can include carton flow, mobile, and narrow aisle variants. You can also consider using adjustable racks if you deem that there could be an inventory expansion anytime soon.

It is quite common for Malaysia storage facilities to be constructed with as much vertical space as possible so that it can be used to expand its capacity easily. By maximizing the use of vertical space, you will find that you have so much space available and that your costs can be reduced to a minimum. Another storage system you may want to consider is the use of mezzanine floors.

The use of mezzanine floors is worth considering primarily because they can be installed in between floors and the materials needed to build them can be scrap metal. This is way more cost-effective than completely having an extension of your Malaysia storage facility built. They are also very convenient and easy to use because assembly and disassembly takes only minimal effort and time.

There should always be a proper balance in the inventorial system of your Malaysia storage facility at all times. This will entail timely review and evaluation of your inventory systems, order histories, projections, and trends so as to forecast accurately how much stock you should have at any one time. This will prevent having too much or too little stocks, both of which can prove to be very costly.

In order to manage your inventory properly, you need to make sure that you take out items that are already damaged, spoiled, or phased out. This will ensure that your Malaysia storage facility is not holding items that have no value at all and adding up to your costs. There could also be an instance where your facility will require at total overhaul in some extreme cases.

If after all your team’s combined efforts your Malaysia storage facility doesn’t have adequate storage space, it could be helpful to make use of whatever outside space is available for you to use. Keep in mind though that you will have to make some investments on additional security equipment to keep your inventory safe and secure. This should include CCTV cameras, chain-link fencing, and security personnel.

If you have a knack for photography and a sense of what is creatively savoury, it is best to look into obtaining employment as a Singapore food photographer. Singapore is a food lovers’ haven. It is a destination where meals from different parts of the world combine in unison. Several travellers look ahead to a remarkable food adventure when they pay a visit to Singapore.

To get the most from the circumstance, a regular restaurant manager in Singapore will have a food photographer on retainer to devise impressive menus and resources for endorsing their business. Recipe experts in Singapore will often seek the services of photographers to provide tasteful accompaniments to their dishes. Food experts and chroniclers will always have a interest in the proficiency of a food photographer to complete their work with tasteful art. And then, you may obtain the concept of earning a living as a food photographer in Singapore to be a captivating experience.

If you are thinking of working as a Singapore food photographer, the preliminary you have to make is to fine-tune your digital photography skillsets. You can do this through self-study, employing photography textbooks or resources found online. If self-study isn’t your cup of tea, you can get and subscribe to a digital photography training course. Of course, you must have a digital camera of your own. Your camera is your invaluable instrument. Your camera doesn’t have to be extravagant or filled with features. Your digital camera will perform very well if it’s easy to control and can create high-resolution photographs.

Any person who desires to become a Singapore food photographer will have an easier time getting access into the profession if they had a keen eye for detail. Regardless of what area of photography you are involved with, getting your pictures to communicate a message is very important. It is when you combine science and art that you have the ability to create photos of food that enthrall your audience.

Once you’ve put up your shingle as a Singapore food photographer, how do you begin locating work? You can engage family and friends to aid you get the word out regarding your work. The most effective way to publicize is still by word of mouth. You can also browse online for work. You can find some great venture leads on freelance sites and classified ads internet sites like Craigslist, even though you might have to filter your search carefully.

Additionally, you can market yourself on the Web. You can build a website to serve as your food digital photography profile and offer up your services as a Singapore food photographer. One vital component of website development that you need to remember all the time is to keep it simple. Even if your via the internet portfolio is the most attractive one ever produced, your efforts will only come to rubbish if visitors can’t look at it because it takes a long time to load.

Another option you can explore is to share your hard work on Facebook; at photo-sharing websites like Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest; and at websites that provide free stock images like stock.xchng and MorgueFile. An even better option that will get you receiving some money is to sell your food photographs at stock image vendors like Dreamstime, Shutterstock and iStockphoto. These websites are fantastic for marketing your efforts on the internet and making a small amount of extra income.

Getting jobs as a Singapore food photographer will not be a dilemma for you if you’re a clever and ingenious individual. There’s always employment to be acquired for a highly competent food photographer. Thus, if food is your passion and you have the ability for crafting dazzling photographs of them, perhaps working as a Singapore food photographer would be a rewarding career for you.

The reason why your site should have its very own domain is simply because it happens to be what permits it to be found in the realm of the internet. Just in case clients are to reach your website, they ought to know what your domain name since this functions as its address. With an excellent domain name, you will be able to develop a reputation of reliability and credibility for your internet site. That said, you have got to attempt to buy domain at the outset before getting on track with the style and aspects of your internet site.

In getting a domain, you will start with choosing a suitable domain name. Your domain name should be considered as an plus for your enterprise since this is the key way in which guests are able to come across your business on the online world. You will need every ounce of creative thinking you possess to be able to come up with a domain name that is going to clearly describe what your internet business is all about. You may have to come up with a short list of feasible domain names that you could use so you can make certain that no less than one of them is free to be registered.

There are many TLD’s (top-level domains) in which you can register your domain name, the most popular being the .com TLD, while some including .biz, .org, and .net are likewise popular. In order to buy domain name properly, you should get in touch with a domain registrar and they are licensed firms that are in the industry of reserving domains. The domain registrar can present you with thorough details about the availability of the domain name you prefer to use. It has to be observed that you are not getting ownership of a domain by registering it, instead you are only granted the authority to use it.

If perhaps you’re concerned about the amount you will shell out in order to buy domain names, you’ll be amazed to find out that you could receive one for only $10 yearly. Immediately following twelve months, it is mandatory that you renew your subscription in order to hold on to your liberties to your domain name. It could therefore be considered a wise decision to put your subscription renewal to automatic to make sure you won’t need to bother about it. Whenever you are selecting a domain registrar, you ought to spend some time to have a look at their internet site and go through meticulously the services that they provide, their stipulations, and company details too.